NTF First Half 2023 Accomplishments

August 11, 2023 by David Barry

New project launches and a number of important initiatives drove Network Time Foundation’s accomplishments during the first half of 2023. Our data center and web property upgrades continued with feedback from the global user community unanimously positive.

Notable accomplishments included:

Institutional members renewing their annual commitment to NTF included:

  • Renesas
  • VMware
  • Masterclock
  • Verizon
  • Yahoo!
  • Safran (formerly Orolia)
  • Microchip

Team additions include:

  • Erez Geva, Project Manager/Release Engineer - Libptpmgmt Project
  • Neta Rozen-Schiff, Project Manager - Khronos Project

The second half of 2023 is already busy with new Network Time Security funding commitments and exciting projects underway. Thank you to everyone in the global time synchronization community for all of your support these past six months. It is greatly appreciated.

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